Monday, June 8, 2015

Wolf (Book 2, Were Chronicles) --by Alma Alexander

Fiction / Fantasy
199 pages / 499 KB
5 Stars

It will be a long wait until Book #3, Shapeshifter, is out!

Book 1 in the series was Jazz's book. This book is her brother's book. It's all about Mal, and how he was able to manipulate the system so that when he turned, he became Wolf. What he didn't count on were all of the consequences.

Within a couple of weeks, he was taken by the Prime Alpha, to his new home, his new family, and not allowed contact with his birth family. Normal for those born into the Pack, but not for someone who knew and loved his family.

As a new Wolf, he lived on the compound, was watched, scrutinized, educated, and eventually, mated with Asia. All wolves are scientists, and his education leads to that end.

While accompanying his mate to one of the Turning Houses, where those were who are not lucky enough to have their own space must go for their 3 days of animalhood, he sees his sister, Celia. The sister he blamed himself for killing. The sister he loved and missed. And she is one of the 'half souled' — alive, but not in her body, due to the overdose of drugs she took years ago. The drugs that her little brother got for her so she could miss a Turn and meet her favorite author.

Mal vows to rescue her, with or without his mate's help. He must be loyal to his Pack, but he is also loyal to his birth family, and those loyalties do not mesh.

Wolves are, if nothing else, loyal. Extremely loyal, and by the time Mal and Asia get into serious trouble, they are in love, and have a cub on the way. They are not only mated, but bonded, and loyal to each other. This loyalty, and the Law of the Pack, come into play, in a somewhat surprising way.

This was a one-sit read. Literally. I enjoyed it so much that I skipped housework and read the book. Take your book, find a 'cave' to crawl into where you can read undisturbed and in comfort, and run with the wolves, at least for a while.

Another great book by Alma Alexander!

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