Thursday, June 11, 2015

Whales (Book 16) by Emma Child

Nonfiction / Children

37 pages / 805 KB
5 Stars

Once again Emma Child has written a most delightful and educational book. It is a perfect book to give the child in your life, and one that adults will enjoy reading to that child as often as requested.

Child tells about different whales, where they live, what they eat, how they sing. And one of the best parts of the book is toward the end, where she gives a list of Fun Facts. Those are great facts for children to know, as well as adults.

Did you know whales don't chew their food? They swallow it whole.
Did you know the Blue Whales' tongue can weigh as much as an elephant?

She even has a bit about the Orca, which as she explains, is a dolphin not a whale. But that's okay, they are beautiful. (They are also called Killer Whales by fishermen, not because they kill people, but salmon.)

These are great books for your child's collection. Fun to read, beautiful photos, and useful information. I heartily recommend all of her books!

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