Saturday, June 13, 2015

Firefly: Ice Born: Book One --by P. M. Pevato

Fiction / Fantasy / Teen
298 Pages
5 Stars

I read this book a couple of times, in its rougher iterations, and am very impressed with the changes Ms. Pevato made. She listened to the suggestions her readers made, took the ones that were helpful, and discarded the ones that weren't, and ended up with a  well crafted book.

The story flowed from the snowy beginning through to the end. It was logical, as logical as teen witches and generations old witch hunters can be, and the ending left me wanting more. Fortunately, she has two more novels planned, and with any kind of luck will get Book Two finished, polished, and published before I forget Book One ;-) .

Pay attention to the chapter headings, as the POV shifts between the protagonist and the antagonist. Although it's usually easy to spot within the first paragraph, it's nice to have that heads up.

The characters are well developed, and the world in which they live, play, and work is equally well developed and believable. The imagery is beautiful, and I found myself wanting a blanket as I read. (It takes place in an alpine village in the winter, and I was cold.) I truly cared about some of the characters, and others, well—I wasn't supposed to like them.

One of the joys of Young Adult/Teen fiction is there is no gratuitous sex or violence, and for that reason, many adults take great delight in reading books written for younger folk. I truly hope adults wanting a good story will pick this book up and read it. And for the teens out there looking for a good paranormal not filled with horny werewolves and vampires, this is the one for you!

A unique story, and a fun read. Thank you, P. M. Pevato for writing this. And, please, hurry up with Book Two.

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