Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rabbits (Book 17) by Emma Child

Nonfiction / Children
38 pages /996 KB
5 Stars

I believe I've read every book by Emma Child, with the exception of the one on Spiders. I have greatly enjoyed reading her books (with the aforementioned exception), and highly recommend them to anyone with children in their life.

Her books are entertaining, well written, and great fun. This book on rabbits is no exception. She explains the difference between rabbits and hares. She tells how rabbits communicate. And she finishes the book with Funny Bunny Facts—one of my favorite pages ;-)

Do you know that pet rabbits can be trained to do tricks?
Do you know that the only part of a rabbit that sweats are its feet?
Do you know 'bunny talk'? Read her book and you'll learn how they communicate.

A delightful book, and highly recommended—for both the child in your life, and the adult who will have fun reading it, too.

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