Friday, June 5, 2015

Night Broken (A Mercy Thompson Novel) by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
304 pages
5 Stars

I know better than to start one of these books when I go to bed. I know better. But I do it anyway, and each time, I promise, Promise, to only read until…. And each time I read until my eyes burn, and will no longer focus on the words and it's waaaaay past time to put the light out.

But, this time, I was sure, would be different. It wasn't.

Christy moves back into Adam's house in this novel. She is in trouble, and needs his help, and she is, after all, the mother of his daughter, Jesse, and the pack loves Christy, and aren't so fond of having their Alpha married and mated with a lowly coyote. Uh, yeah, there are sparks, and not the friendly kind. Especially when Christy decides she's going to take over running the house, AND using Adam's and Mercy's bathroom. Oh, yeah. Sparks. Lots and lots.

Will Mercy back down? Uh, c'mon folks, this is Mercy Thompson Hauptmann we're talking about. She never, ever, goes seeking trouble, it seeks her. And when she and trouble meet, she never, ever backs down. She is, after all, a coyote. And when someone goes after her husband and mate, well, best not be you!

For a great read, you'll not do better. But, beware, not to be started with the intention of only reading a chapter or two. Trust me.

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