Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nonfiction / Children

91 pages / 1485 KB
4 Stars

This is an interesting book about dinosaurs. Ms. Rose begins with some interesting facts about fossils, anatomy, diet, etc. Then she goes into each dinosaur, alphabetically. You need only click on the dinosaur in the Table of Contents to go straight to the page.

She explains how it was named, where it came from, and what it was. Each entry begins with a color picture that, if double clicked, is enlarged. The art is fantastic.

The entries are short, and informative; however, the switches from past tense to present tense are a little confusing. Explaining where and when they lived is good; telling us they live and eat and breathe here or there as if in the present day, might confuse some children.

Recommended with tense reservations.

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