Friday, June 5, 2015

River Marked (A Mercy Thompson Novel) --by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy

337 pages / 1315 KB
5 Stars

When a Coyote goes on a honeymoon what can you expect besides trouble? And, dare I say it, right here in River City. (I apologize)

This story takes place down on the Columbia River somewhere on the Washington side of Biggs, Oregon. Mercy, a shape shifter to coyote, also sees ghosts, and of course, trouble.

On her honeymoon with Adam, at a camping site closed to all but them, they start off rescuing a man who is terrified, and has had his foot chewed off by a river monster. His sister was killed, but comes to Mercy with information.

The fey are involved, Coyote is involved, and the replication of Stonehenge at Maryhill Museum plays a role.

Mercy Thompson Hauptmann does have her honeymoon with the man she loves more than life, but Coyote blesses it, and that's never good.

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