Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Nature of the Beast (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel #11) –by Louise Penny

Fiction / Mystery  

385 pages / 1528 KB
5 Stars

I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed this book. For some reason, I read the bit at the end that explained Dr. Bull and his superguns were really there. Being a bit of a history buff, I found this fascinating. Knowing next to nothing about Canadian history, it was doubly so. I enjoyed the detail Ms. Penny went into about how the guns were built, especially the part that no one knew about them. The questions she answered in her detail were the answers I wanted.

This read more like a spy story to me, and I'm not normally fond of spy stories, but this held my interest. Oh, we had our murders, both far past and near present. And they all got tied nicely with a bow at the end.

Ruth and Rosa were allowed to play a more pivotal role. I rather like Ruth. The book is still out on Rosa. I guess as long as Ruth and Rosa like each other, that's all that matters. It's the diaper aspect (for Rosa) that I wonder about. Nonetheless, the review is for the book, not the duck with a quack impediment.

I enjoyed the book (sorry, I already said that, didn't I?). The ending was a little mixed. There are some questions yet, but perhaps Book 12 will answer them? There were some old, and painful, memories brought to the fore, of My Lai. But mostly we got to tramp through the woods, visit the SHU, and try to figure out who the murderer was.  (I don't try too hard on that end, I like to be surprised.)

I do wish Louise Penny would put out a book of Ruth Zardo's poetry. Even if it's title is something like: Ruth Zardo's Poetry as written by Xxxx Mmmm. And yes, I sent her an email to that effect.

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