Sunday, July 9, 2017

Silk Parachute --by John McPhee

Nonfiction / Essays  

237 pages / 432 KB
5 Stars

This is a delightful collection of essays by John McPhee. A real treat. I have several of his books, and this is a great addition to my library. McPhee writes on a myriad of topics—from childhood (his) to the rules of La Crosse. He picks topics I've never considered that I needed to know anything about—and you know what? I did need to know about them!

If you enjoy great writing, read John McPhee. Get hooked on his stuff. Believe me, it's a good addiction. Many of his essays are long, book length, single topic (Oranges is one), this is a compilation of shorter ones. I've yet to be disappointed in reading McPhee.

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