Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Long Way Home (Chief Inspector Gamache #10) –by Louise Penny

Fiction / Mystery  

385 pages / 1409 KB
4 Stars

I read fiction to escape my current reality. If I learn something along the way, so much the better. Sometimes I learn more than I knew I needed to learn.

There is a lot about art in this book that I found fascinating. And a lot about art in this book that I quickly became, while not bored with, able to skim with ease. I'm not sure how much we really needed to know, or how much Gamache & Co. would be able to figure out from the analyzing and reanalyzing ad infinitum, the art. But it's fiction, and I could suspend my disbelief.

And, to be honest, I didn't like the end all that much. These are my friends. Ms. Penny has introduced us, and I love them, and feel for them. And, yes, I know they are only make-believe, but for a while they keep me company, and I enjoy them. I really wanted to get to the end, and I really didn't want to do dishes, so I sat on the sofa and read it in one day. Maybe not my most favoritest Penny book, but still a good read!

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