Friday, January 27, 2017

Flash Fiction Magazine -- March 2016

Anthology / Very Short Fiction
Not too long
5 Stars

Anthologies are always hard for me to read and review. I love reading them, and read many, but how to review several stories?

This book is electronic only (as far as I know) and available for free download when one signs up for the daily digital magazine—also free.

The stories were varied, and ranged from very short (I could read the whole story on one screen of my phone to close to the 1000 word limit. I only found one I didn't care for, and I'll go back to read it all the way through at a later date. The writing seemed pretty good, I think I just wasn't in the mood, or same place as the author.

Some of the stories bordered on horror, many had humor, and all were well written. If you like flash fiction (1000 words or less) check out Flash Fiction Magazine at and if you like the story, subscribe. Subscription is free, and so is the anthology. Perfect little stories while waiting in the doctor's office, the bus stop, or in line to buy groceries. Trust me.

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