Sunday, February 5, 2017

Red Mountain --by Boo Walker


326 pages
5 Stars

Rumors abound that there is to be a second book, a sequel, which is a good thing. I read fiction to escape, and I want all the loose ends tied in neat bows by the time I get to the end. Many were tied, many were not, and the ending left me wanting more. Much more. The problem is, I want the more RIGHT NOW and he’s still writing it!

While I love series books, I do so enjoy it when each book in the series comes to a satisfactory ending. Perhaps it’s my old age—I may not be here when the sequel comes out ;-) I vacillated between 4 & 5 stars because of the ending, but so enjoyed the rest of the book, I gave it 5.

Among the characters we meet are an old codger who howls with the coyotes, a prodigy pianist, a teen with angst (don’t they all have angst?), a rock star, and an (ex) street person. None of them take over the book and they all balance each other. All are believable, and actually, all the main characters are rather likable. They each had a story, and their stories intermingled as they would in real life. We see in this book how our lives are truly not insular no matter how reclusive we might think we are, but each thing we do, each thing we say, affects other people.

I found the book worth my investment both in dollars and in time (except for the first 3 chapters, I read it in one day!) and if you like a good story, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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