Friday, January 20, 2017

Rise of the Dragon, Moonlight Dragon Book 5) --by Tricia Owens

Fiction / Urban Fantasy

175 pages / 4154 KB
5 Stars

Legalities first: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

WARNING! Do not begin this book until you have a full pot of coffee and enough time to read it all the way through to The End. Once again, Ms. Owens has given us a marvelous one-sit read. She rates a space on your bookshelf alongside Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, and Jim Butcher.

If you have not read the earlier books, I strongly suggest you do. While they could probably be read as stand alone books, they will be much more enjoyable if read in order:  1. Descended from Dragons, 2. Hunting Down Dragons, 3. Trouble with Gargoyles and, 4. Forged in Fire.

Poor Anne Moody. She is still cursed. The cameos in her pawnshop constantly give her dire messages, the walls and ceiling of her bathroom drip blood, something stomps forth and back on her roof at night. But, hey, it's home. She inherited the Moonlight Pawn Shop from her uncle when he disappeared, and she lives in the back. She deals in the mundane items people pawn for money to spend in Las Vegas, but she also deals in magickal items. Nothing too serious or heavy, but every so often, she's fooled. Oh, did I mention she is also carries dragon blood in her veins? A dangerous thing to have.

Her boyfriend is a gargoyle. Human by night, stone statue by day. Her best friend is a monkey shifter. And then there are the Oddsmakers. They are uber magickal beings, and they do not like dragons. No, not at all. They do not like wild magick they can't control. And they do not want anyone in Las Vegas wielding magick without their knowledge and permission. How do you keep a Dragon under wraps? They are also Evil.

Poor, cursed, Anne Moody. She thought her biggest problems were the unseen and unknown Oddsmakers, who teleport her whenever they feel like it to their underground lair to order her to do this or that, until she was drugged, kidnapped, and woke in a secret US Military underground prison/laboratory under investigation for High Treason. Yes, she meets the Men in Black, up close and personal, and they were nothing like the guys in the movie. Yes, the end of the world is coming, and only Anne Moody can save it, and she's an unwilling guest of Uncle Sam. Poor, cursed, Anne Moody.

The most awful thing about this book is, it is book 5 of a 5 book series. That means the series is now ended. All the loose ends are neatly tied. We learn how Anne Moody became cursed, we learn what happened to Uncle James, Orlaton, and the others. However, with Ms. Owens' imagination and abilities, I hold high hopes there will be more books about the Moonlight Pawn Shop, the neighbors, and of course my favorite alpha dragon, Lucky.

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