Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A House of My Own: Stories from My Life --by Sandra Cusneros

Nonfiction / Memoir

400 pages
5 Stars

This was my introduction to Sandra Cisneros. I look forward to a long and rewarding friendship through the pages of her other books.

I read this book at night, in bed. Often, after finishing a story, I would put the book down and think about what I'd just read. What did she say? What did I read? (They are not always the same things).

Cisneros was born and raised in Chicago to working-class parents. Her father came from Mexico City, and the family frequently returned to his home for summer vacations. She is the only girl in a family with 6 brothers. No one in the family truly understood her penchant for writing. I, for one, am delighted no one managed to stifle her. She can relate to the average person, and perhaps more important, they can relate to her.

Her style of writing is like conversing with an old and beloved friend. While they are written for adults, there is nothing in any of these stories that a much younger person could not read. I enjoyed, tremendously, reading about the differences between her two cultures. I loved the gentle humor, and even laughed out loud in places. Especially the restaurant story in the Epilogue. No spoilers here, you'll have to read it yourself.

This is a book to be read and enjoyed many times, as are conversations with old friends to be had as often as wanted.  Buy this book. Give it to friends, relatives, and libraries. Give it to women, and give it to men. Most of all, give it to yourself.

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