Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fled (A Dovetail Cove Novella) --by Jason McIntyre

Fiction / Noir

83 pages /4114 KB
5 Stars

I've read other McIntyre books, the Night Walk Men, and though dark (advertised as such) thoroughly enjoyed them, so admit to looking forward to my first dip into the Dovetail Cove series. Having been assured one could enter the series with any book, that they all tie together but are not linear, I entered the currents with Fled. I was not disappointed.

Charlie Scobie has lead an interesting life, and returns to the island home of his new bride for their honeymoon. It is a place of darkness for Charlie, and he is forced to face some things he'd rather forget, and in fact thought he had.  Or at least come to grips with them.

Personally, I wonder if McIntyre didn't channel Rod Serling for this story.

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