Monday, March 28, 2016

Fire Touched: A Mercy Thompson Novel --by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy

350 pages / 1476 KB
5 Stars

I only have one complaint for Patricia Briggs's books – I read them much faster than she writes them! And as much as I whine about that, her books are worth the wait. If she rushed through writing them, they would not be. And she gives enough information at the beginning that if you read the last one, you'll know what's going on, and if you didn't read the last one, you'll know what's going on and won't be thinking, "Huh??"

Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite characters, and her universe one of my favorite places to visit. Being invited to come into that universe and play with the characters is always fun, and I never say, "No." Never. And I'm never, ever, sorry I entered their world.

Mercy and Adam have taken in a foster child who is not quite what he seems to be. Aiden is human, but "raised" by the fae, Underhill. And Underhill wants him back, as do other fae, and not for anything nice. Mercy and Adam have accepted him, in the beginning, under the rules of guesting, and refuse to hand him over. The whole pack will protect him as long as he does not break the rules. (Does trying to burn down the house count as a breach of etiquette?) The fae want this child, and they want him badly enough to start an all-out war with the humans and the wolves in order to get him. And the Marrock has severed all ties. (For those not familiar with the series, the Marrock is the Alpha Alpha of the North American werewolves). Mercy, Adam, & the pack are on their own!

Had I started this book earlier in the day, it would have been a one-sit read. However, I began it too late in the day, and it actually took me two days to read. A great read, and well worth your time and money. Buy it, read it, review it.

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