Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Humor Me (Life Without a Field Guide Book 2) --by Lill Hawkins

Essay / Humor
119 pages / 2155 KB
5 Stars

After reading Funny You Should Ask, also by Lill Hawkins, I enjoyed it so much, I bought her next book, Humor Me. It's more of the same – short essays about the weirdness that surrounds her, from her dearly beloved, aka Geekdaddy, to Son and Daughter, aka Son and Daughter, and their adventures living in the backwoods of Maine.

I did manage to parse out the essays into a 2-sit read, but it wasn't easy. Her essays are short, and chocked full of humor. She makes Maine sound almost like a place I want to visit. Visit, not settle in.

Read the short excerpt at Amazon about Maine's seasons (I always thought they were Cold and Colder, but she actually talks about Summer and Autumn, snowfall and grilling.

Well worth the time and the cost. Buy it, read it, review it!

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