Monday, March 28, 2016

Dragon Blood --by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / fantasy
275 pages
5 Stars

The story of Ward continues (from Dragon Bones). Hurog Keep lies in a heap, destroyed by powerful magic, and Ward must rebuild it. He takes his duties as Lord Hurog seriously, and wishes only to protect his people from wars, starvation, and evil.

Unfortunately, rebellion is brewing against the evil usurper High King Jakoven, and Ward is sucked into joining the rebels. But the High King has a secret weapon, and nothing will stop him from using what he has to gain what he wants, and he wants Ward, the "simple" Lord of Hurog.

I love it when I find a 'one-sit' read, and Patricia Briggs write those kinds of books for me. I have no choice to sit and read until the end, and then I'm usually sorry I did because it is The End and I must leave a great read about a fantastical universe populated by people I'd like to know in real life. Well, some of them. Briggs has the right balance of humor (I laughed out loud more than once) and adrenaline.

Please, Ms. Briggs, bring us more of this universe. Do not let this be a two-book series.

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