Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. (5 Book Series) --by Angela Roquet

Graveyard Shift
259 pages / 1887 KB

Pocket Full of Posies
253 pages / 821 KB

For the Birds
243 pages / 1392 KB

323 pages / 1252 KB

Death Wish
317 pages / 1322

5 Stars

By the time I finished reading the first book, Graveyard Shift, I had already purchased and downloaded the remaining 4. Normally, I read a book, and review it, but when they are fun, I tend to read them all one after another, which makes it hard to review each one separately, because they all run together. So I'm reviewing it as one large book ;-)

Our heroine, Lana Harvey, is a Reaper. She was created, and lives, in the Afterlife, and only comes to our world to harvest souls to take back to Eternity.

This is not the Eternity you learned of in Sunday School. If you can't suspend that belief and enjoy another point of view, don't pick up these books. You won't enjoy them. If, however, you can suspend what you learned in Sunday School, and are willing to read a book where the gods of old have their own bits of Afterlife for those who worshipped them, and where those gods get together for social occasions, where the Archangel Gabriel and Beezelbub drink beer and play poker together, well, grab these books and hang on for a terrific ride.

Lana Harvey is a Reaper (oh, I said that, didn't I?). She's not the best of the bunch, and rather likes it where she's at, and has no great ambitions to go up the chain of command. In fact, she doesn't want to. But then Life steps in. Or at least Life as it is in the Afterlife. She finds that when she was created she was given a wee bit extra of something special, and that wee bit extra causes her no end of grief.

Then she falls in love with an overbearing Angel who worships Allah. She finally gets out from under him, only to fall head over heels for Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, who goes by the name of Bub.

Bub breaks her heart.

Her boss wants to kill her.

War happens.

And Lana is right in the middle of it. Her world is coming apart, literally.

The ending of this book is quite satisfactory, and it is an ending. Oh, another thing I enjoyed was each chapter begins with an epigraph, a quote.

Buy the books. Read the books. Enjoy the books. Review the books!

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