Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms Book 2) –Christine Pope

Fiction / Fantasy
276 pages / 4266 KB
5 Stars

This is, in my opinion, a 5 Star piece of calorie-free brain candy—and that's good. That's what I want from my fiction. It is an interesting re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, and an enjoyable story. I actually liked it better than the original. What I found shocking, almost to disbelief, is this book is actually classified as (picture me shuddering!) Romance! I do not read romance. I do not like romance, even if it does have dragons. And yet, I absitively posolutely loved this book. Oh, sigh.

Rhianne, the heroine of our story, is an artist who has been found out. Art is considered a trade, and not allowed for women. Her father is a potter who is going blind, and she has been painting his orders. In order to save her family from the poor house, she volunteers to marry the Dragon of Black's Keep. The families of the brides are always given gold.

She is surprised that her husband is not a beast, but a man, though she never really sees him as he always wears a deep hood over his face, and remains in shadow. However, he seems kind, and generous, and most importantly, he not only allows her to continue with her art, but buys her whatever supplies she wants, and encourages her to paint.

Against her will, Rhianne discovers she is falling in love with her beastly husband. Alas, her love for him is not strong enough to break the curse that has been visited upon him, and Black's Keep all these centuries. Time is running out. Soon, Rhianne will join the other brides in the cemetery behind the Keep. Unless, unless....

I look forward to reading more stories in this universe. Even if they are (shudder) Romance. ;-)

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