Friday, July 3, 2015

Written in Red --Anne Bishop

Fiction / Urban Fantasy

513 pages /2758 KB
5 Stars

This is one of, if not the, absolutely best worlds ever crafted! I made the mistake of starting this book at night, planning on reading a couple of chapters before turning the light out. I turned the light out when my eyes burned so much they could no longer focus. The next day, I promised myself I would get my work done before picking up the book. Yeah. Right. Something about promises…. I literally read all day, taking time out for sustenance and, uh, personal stuff. I read until my eyes burned and I could no longer focus, and there were about 50 pages to go. I got up the next morning, knowing I had appointments I had to keep — but finished the book before I left the house. Yes. It's that compelling. If you have a spouse and or children who demand you pay attention to them, I suggest you take this book, and go away to a nice hotel for a couple of days and read without interruption! Leave bread, milk, and peanut butter when they can find them. They'll be fine ;-)

The Others are shape shifters that go from Other to human, not vice versa. They are the terra indigene, and control the planet. They consider humans as prey, or meat. As long as the humans abide by the rules, they are fine. The humans keep forgetting their place in the society.

Meg is a Cassandra sangue Blood Prophet who has escaped her owner. She finds herself at a conclave of Others, starving, scared, nearly frozen, and applies for a job. Simon is not only Other, he is the head of the conclave (which includes lots of fun characters) and is a wolf. There is something about Meg that intrigues him, not the least of which is she doesn't smell like prey. She applies for a job, and is hired. Her owner/controller can't get to her on the reservation where the Others live, there are signs that say Human Law Does Not Apply. She is safe. Or is she?

I am not going to dive into A Murder of Crows until my house is packed and I'm ready to move. You have no idea how fast I can pack, knowing that book is my reward!

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