Thursday, July 9, 2015

Myri's Hands --by Jane Roop

Fiction / Paranormal Fantasy
143 pages / 2688 KB
4 stars

Myri's mother died when Myri was three, her father, a trucker, died a year before the story takes place. He left her the home, the land, and an old pickup truck he told her was worth its weight in gold. He left her no money, and she worked two jobs just to make ends meet.

But, Myri is different. Her hands often burn for no reason, and whatever she reaches for flies to them. She sees Ruby, a spirit who shows up when people die, to help them make the transition from life to death. She sees the life force of people, and she sees it go from colorful to black when they die.

She wants to go to culinary school but due to weather and other happenings arrives too late to be allowed to take the test. She really needs to find a way to support herself besides working in the hardware store part time, or at the winery part time. At the winery, she finds herself helping in a very odd and strange wedding, and then is given a week-end at the ocean, where even more strangeness happens.

Myri, like her writer, lives in Kennewick, Washington. The places Ms. Roop writes about are real, whether in Kennewick, Walla Walla, or the ocean.

Myri's Hands is a great read. My biggest complaint is it's too short. I want more of Myri, her hands, her life. I think this is a delightful book, and the first, I hope, of a series.

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