Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hinting Ground (Book #2 Alpha Omega) by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
304 pages
5 Star

This is the second in the series. The Alpha and Omega series is about werewolves, but is not part of the Mercy Thompson books, though some of the characters cross over from one series to the other.

The primary characters in this series are Charles Cornick, Alpha, the son and enforcer of the chief American werewolves and his new mate, Anna Latham, Omega. Turned werewolf against her will, never taught what to expect, and abused by her pack, she remains somewhat suspicious of Charles.

This book takes place in Seattle, when the head werewolves from the world are gathered at a conclave to discuss their 'coming out.' Murder and mayhem happens, as only Ms. Briggs and her various packs of werewolves, can make it happen.

A fun read. Especially if you like Seattle and werewolves. I happen to like both. A knowledge of Seattle is not necessary to enjoy the book, any more than being on first name basis with a werewolf is necessary (but it helps).

Grab a glass of your favorite libation, find a comfy hammock, and settle back to enjoy a great story.

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