Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fair Game (Book #3, Alpha Omega series) --by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy

304 pages
5 Stars

The more I know of Ms. Briggs werewolves, the more convinced I am I rather like them. Well, most of them.

Ms. Briggs does a marvelous job of world building in her books, her characters are believable, and how the humans react to the were, the fae, etc. is also believable.

This exciting book takes place in Boston, and Anna, the Omega mate to Charles, the Alpha and son/enforcer of the Marrock is coming into her own. She trusts Charles, and she learns to use her Omega and pack magic. Anna, like a 'real' person, may never totally trust after all the abuse she's been through, but she works at it, and receives a great deal of support from Charles, and even her father in law, Bran, the Marrock.

There are some cross-over comments and plot lines between this book and River Marked ( a Mercy Thompson book) that might be a bit of a spoiler. I'm not sure, as I read River Marked before I read this one, and enjoyed the references.

This time Charles and Anna are helping the FBI find a serial killer, who turns out to be much older than originally thought. I read it in one sitting. Too much fun to put down.

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