Friday, July 3, 2015

Storm Front (A Novel of the Dresden Files) --by Jim Butcher

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
332 Pages / 809 KB
4 Stars

Harry Dresden is the only Wizard in Chicago, and he's listed in the phone book. He helps people find lost things, he helps the cops figure out if magic was used in the commission of a crime. He's a Private Eye with an edge, except that technology doesn't do well around Harry. Something about his electric personality that shorts too many circuits.

Harry is fighting for his life, searching for a missing person, helping the cops solve a gruesome murder, is living under the threat of death by the Sword of Doom if he practices magic against the rules, and someone, an unknown wizard who is very powerful, wants him dead. A wizard's life is never dull. Oh, and did I mention he's broke. Always.

I absolutely love Harry, and I love Butcher's way of writing and telling this story, all from Harry's point of view, in Harry's voice. This is a great book, a fun read, and I can hardly wait to read Book #2.

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