Friday, April 22, 2016

Alameda's Awakening --by Tara Pegasus

Fiction / Literary 

198 pages
5 Stars

Disclaimer: I've known Tara Pegasus for a few years, and have read all the iterations of Alameda's Awakening. And that should tell you something – I don't very often read the same book as many times as I read this one, and not once was it anything but a pleasure! Each time I read it, it was better than the time before. It is a pleasure to know the author, and a pleasure to recommend this book to you.

The characters in this book are fully developed, and the story is believable. Alameda and her brother are born into a hyper-religious family. Her father is the small-town protestant minister, and her mother runs both the church and the house. Alameda knows she needs to escape, but doesn't understand why, and she and her best friend decide to join the convent when they graduate from school, where she will be not only allowed, but encouraged, to play her beloved violin.

Life, and in this case death, happens and Alameda's life is turned upside down and inside out by a virulent epidemic that hits the town hard, affecting everyone in one way or another. Alameda's mind is tormented by the cognitive dissonance brought about by her upbringing and life as it actually is.

Her mother's machinations at controlling her life, her desires to live her life as she chooses, and the small town doctor who befriend her combine to make this a one-sit read. This story is well written and very well told. The characters are believable.

Buy this book. Read this book. Review this book. (That's how you tell an author you appreciate the time and the hard work of writing the book!)

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