Saturday, April 16, 2016

Way Walkers: Broken City (The Tazu Saga Book 2) –by J. Leigh

Fiction / Fantasy
352 pages / 944 KB
5 Stars

Loved this book! This is a continuation of Jathen's coming of age, and we get some real development in his character. He, and we, discover more about him. Whereas the first book gave him, and us, some pretty serious losses, this book offers more hope, and less loss. I admit to a bit of trepidation to reading Book 3 when it becomes available – I don't want more loss like we had in Book 1, and managed to skip in Book 2.

The author has developed a marvelous universe. It has the same depth and diversity found in Tolkien's books, but these books are NOT a re-telling of Tolkien's stories!  

Jathen matures somewhat in this book. He begins to think, and act, more like the ruler he is destined to become, should he choose that Path.  My biggest complaint about this book is I finished it, and Book 3 is not yet available!

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