Saturday, February 8, 2014

How much does a world weigh? Will it fit in your pocket?

Weight of Worlds –by Alma Alexander

Fiction, Short Stories
828 KB
5 Stars

Ms. Alexander publishes several of her short stories in what she calls "triads" and this collection is a collection of some of those triads. They range from a god and his marbles to the world as seen through the point of view of a cat.

There is a feeling of old style fairy tales in this collection. Although none of the stories have a "happy ever after" ending (thank heavens!), they all have very satisfying endings, and none are particularly sad, they are the logical conclusions to the stories being told.

My biggest complaint was there just weren't enough of the stories!

Ms. Alexander is a marvelous writer, and definitely knows how to spin a yarn, and she knows just exactly the length it needs to be.

Some may find the introductions at the beginnings of each book and the stories a bit off-putting, but they are free to skip them and go right into the story proper. I, however, enjoyed them. (I also love Prologues and Prefaces and Epilogues. But, then, I also read foot notes.)

They are stories to be read again.

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