Friday, February 21, 2014

Fairy Godmother

Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil --Charlotte Henley Babb

Fiction, Fantasy
444 KB / 433 pages
3 Stars

I enjoyed reading a book with an older female protagonist, one I could relate to in many respects; however, if this is a YA book, I doubt many young adults will relate to Maven. They will, however, be able to relate to Tulip. Unfortunately, Tulip is not the primary character.

I found the book to be overly long, with no defined story arc. I would have enjoyed seeing a bit more about fixing the Veil and less flitting around. If this is the first in a series, where the characters will come back, perhaps each with her own book, then it is a good introduction.

The lack of editing and proof reading bothered me on several occasions. I found myself being thrown out of the story as I had to hunt for, and then supply, the missing words and or rearrange the tenses. (I'm guessing there was a lot of cutting and pasting and movement of paragraphs and sentences and when originally written they were fine;-)

The one-liners were quite enjoyable, but again, how many teenagers can relate to hot flashes? While this was a fun read, it was not a compelling read. A good bedtime read. There were no clear villains, no tension as to what would happen if the veil ripped asunder and disappeared forever. Maven was never in true danger, never had to work her way out of an evil spell—she had all the answers. She was not brought to Faery against her will, nor did she want to go back to Mundane—a built in tension right there.

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