Sunday, February 16, 2014

How important is a name?

A Name of Her Own –by Jane Kirkpatrick

Fiction, Historical
402 pages / 1435 KB
5 Stars

Ms. Kirkpatrick has written an engaging novel about the life of an extraordinary woman and Ioway Indian, Marie Dorion.

The author is a master storyteller, and will pull you into the story as you follow along in the footsteps of this courageous woman, as she journeys first by river boat, then across land by horseback and walking, and eventually by canoe.

You will easily and effortlessly become involved in this woman’s story as told by Kirkpatrick.

Although this is a novel, Marie Dorion was a real woman, and I think she would be extremely pleased at having her story told by Jane Kirkpatrick

Disclaimer: I should tell you that Ms. Kirkpatrick was kind enough to endorse my book:  Madame Dorion - Her Journey to the Oregon Country.  

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