Monday, January 28, 2013

Odd, those Norse Myths

Odd and the Frost Giants – by Neil Gaiman

Fantasy (MG+)
128 pages
Footnotes/Endnotes: No
Illustrations: Yes
Suitable for eReaders: Yes
5 Stars

This delightful tale of Odd, a young lad who helps Thor, Odin, and Loki regain their godly shape from the Bear, Eagle, and Fox they were changed into, and further helps to get Thor's hammer back, and save Asgard, and the human world below, from eternal winter is a fun read! (Phew! that was a long sentence. You may now stop and breathe;-) At first, the Gods try to hide the fact they can talk, but Odd catches them at it, and they admit it. He helps them, and they help him, helping to maintain balance as it should be.

It is listed for Grade 3-6 -- and perhaps I am finally in my second childhood? -- but this was a fun retelling of the old Norse myths, a grand introduction to one who isn't familiar with them.

When you need a couple hours of escape, this is a great book in which to crawl and enjoy that time, that escape, that delightful story. Neil Gaiman does a remarkable job of putting you in the story right from the beginning. Well crafted tale.

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