Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mosquito & Ant --by Kimiko Hahn

Nonfiction / Poetry 
104 pages / 982 KB
5 Stars

This was my introduction to the poetry of Kimiko Hahn, and I predict a long friendship between her writing and myself. These are strong poems about modern woman, set against a background of the Ancient Japanese and Chinese women written in the form of an old pillow book.

The title of this small book with huge poems, Mosquito & Ant, refers to the style nu shu (ancient and secret Chinese women's writing) is written—like the loops of a buzzing mosquito and the tracks of an ant.

These poems are passionate, cover a variety of topics, and beg to be read several times for both their beauty and message. The Notes at the end of the book are also worth reading.

Excellent book. Highly recommend it.

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