Saturday, August 12, 2017

Children Remember Their Fathers --edited by Thomas Hubbard

Nonfiction / Poetry  
150 pages
5 Stars

The subject of these poems is Fathers. We all had one, and the thirty-three poets who contributed to this book, all have different memories. Some are happy; some are not. All will touch your heart, and many may pierce your soul.

These poems made me think of my Daddy, and how grateful I am that he was not like some in this book and how grateful I am I had my Daddy, who was perfect—at least for me. As Hubbard says in the beginning: "Children wrote this book." And children will read it. And, perhaps, be inspired to write their own poems about their fathers.

No longer in print, this book is still available, and I think it is well worth the time to search it out, the cost of purchasing it, and the time to read it—again and again.  

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