Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pets and Masters in Space: Part 1: The First Voyage –by Elfa Todari

Fiction / Fantasy  

122 pages / 1093 KB
4 Stars

This is one of the more original books of this genre I've read in a long time. So why the 4 stars instead of 5? Two reasons: 1.  Todari really, really needs a copy editor—I was thrown out of the story by bad cutting/pasting of words, and 2. The ending wasn't an ending. This is going to be a series of at least two books (and I have no idea when #2 is coming out, but not soon enough!) but book #1 should still be a complete book.

The 3 main characters in this book are great fun. The human goes to work for an alien and leaves Earth behind her forever. She is allowed to bring her pet cat on the space ship. The aliens are telepathic, and so is the cat. What our heroine doesn't know is, she, too, is a pet.

This book is just the first part of the journey. There is fodder here for a whole series, and I hope to eventually read them. Great fun.

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