Friday, February 12, 2016

Kings of the North --by Elizabeth Moon

Fiction / Fantasy
491 pages / 4504 KB
5 Stars

Kings of the North is the second of five books in this series. Whereas I don't think it necessary to have read the earlier five books about Paks, I think this series needs to be read in order, as the ending of one book leads directly into the beginning of the next book.

I learned many years ago not to get hooked in series (if I could help it) until the series was complete and I could buy all the books if I wanted, and not have to wait a year or so between stories, I bought all these books in fast order. I read them in fast order.

Moon creates marvelous worlds, and populates them with believable characters. An ex Marine, she knows how to write about the military, a horsewoman, she knows how to write about horses. Although these books are fantasy, they are believable fantasy. She establishes rules for her realms, and then sticks to those rules.

Kieri Phelan is no longer a mercenary—he's a king! Talk about career advancement. Dorrin Verrakai has also moved up in the world, and is now Duke Verrakai. Magic abounds within realistic limits, and we are introduced to dwarves, gnomes, and even a dragon.

While I don't think it is necessary to have read the earlier Paks books from 20 years or so ago, it is assumed you are somewhat familiar with the characters. If you're a fantasy aficionado, you shouldn't have any trouble fitting, and playing, in this world.  Just be sure the next book is close at hand before you finish this one.

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