Friday, February 12, 2016

Echoes of Betrayal: Paladin's Legacy (Legend of Paksenarrion Book 3) --by Elizabeth Moon

Fiction / Fantasy
466 pages / 4071 KB
5 Stars

We have now reached the middle book of the five-book series. Not the place to start, trust me. Start with Book 1 and read in order.

Arvid, the Master Thief, becomes a major character in this book. Or, perhaps, I should say his story is told, as he's been a major character since he rescued Paks way back when. His story is very interesting, and he became one of my most favorite people. He's a thief, an assassin, and suddenly a god starts speaking to him, and always at inopportune times. Well, mostly inopportune times.

Dorrin must deal with the evil of her family, and the distrust of the other nobles in the king's court. A crown that speaks to her doesn't seem to help, either. King Kieri must deal with betrayal, dragon fire, and a less than helpful grandmother.

I strongly suggest you have book four on your pile of books before you finish this one, as the story only gets more intense and exciting.

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