Friday, February 12, 2016

Crown of Renewal (Legend of Paksenarrion Book 5) --by Elizabeth Moon

Fiction / Fantasy
529 pages / 5040 KB
5 Stars

WARNING! If you haven't read the previous books, do not start here!

I found this book a satisfying conclusion to the series – and, yes, I noticed a few open ends by the ending. (Those open ends are not major plot points.) Perhaps another book? Another series? Dare I hope?

Truly, I was sad to leave the world of Paks. Moon does such a marvelous job of creating worlds, and their populations, I felt as if most of the good guys and gals were long lost friends I had just met again, and now they are gone again. But those open ends give me hope they have only left a while, and soon we'll be reunited.

I have consistently given Moon 5 stars for this series. One reason is I read them all in one fell swoop, and couldn't remember certain details from one to the next. Yes, some books were better than others, and parts of some books were better or worser (that's a word, trust me) than other parts. But over all, I could not put the series down until finished at some un-Girdish hour of the morning.

And I really, truly, hope Moon is going to give us another romp through the world of Paksenarrion. But if she doesn't, I am grateful for the romp I just completed. Thank you, Elizabeth Moon, for many hours of enjoyment and escape from the mundane features of my life.

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