Monday, August 17, 2015

Wakeworld (A Book of the Between) --by Kerry Schafer

306 pages  2039KB
 5 Stars

It's been a couple of years since I read Between (my review is here) and when I saw the next two books, Wakeworld and The Nothing, I had to buy and read them. I was not disappointed.

I had forgotten Poe, the penguin, and was delighted to find he plays a major supporting role in Wakeworld. New characters are introduced in this book, Weston and his sister, Grace, both of whom play pivotal roles. Weston is a Dreamshifter who has fought it all his life, to great pain and loss.

Weston and Vivian so not start off as best buds, but they realize they must work together to save Dreamworld, and with time, they become good friends. And when Zee nearly kills Vivian, well, he and Weston have, shall we say, words?

I absolutely love the worlds Ms. Shafer has built. I would read the books just for the worlds, however, she's peopled them with such fun characters, I get to enjoy the worlds and their populations.

If you're a lover of fantasy, and new and exciting worlds, you'll enjoy this series. Although not quite a 1 sit book, it was very close.

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