Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Child Goddess --by Louise Marley

Fiction / Fantasy

352 pages
5 Stars

I read fantasy for escape, and once again, Ms. Marley has given me a great escape. I enjoyed reading about the Magdalenes, and like another reviewer, wondered why they clung to the celibacy idea; however, if they were trying to be accepted, it's understandable. It was hard enough just getting female priests accepted. One step at a time.

The protagonist is Mother Isabel Burke, a priest with faults. Serious faults with which she must cope. She is, alas, very, very human. And that humanness comes out when she is assigned as guardian to child from another planet. It comes out when she again meets the man she loves. It comes out as she deals with people. Mostly, Mother Burke is filled with love.

To help protect her young charge, she returns with Oa to her home planet, from which she was kidnapped, to unravel the secret of the anchen and to help them become persons if they so desire.

Although the protagonist is a Priest, this is not a religious book. It is a great adventure in which the religion of the protagonist plays a role, and helps solve the riddle.

Like another reviewer, I hope we see more books about Mother Burke, and Jin-Li Chung (nice to meet an old from again from Irustan).

A fun read. A two-sit read. Read it, you'll like it.

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