Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vingede (The Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files Book 2)—by Krisi Keley

Fiction / Supernatural Mystery  

203 pages / 777 KB
5 Stars

Although I love, and read, a fair amount of Fantasy, I've not read much in the Supernatural realm, not the Mystery genre, so I approached Ms. Keley's first book with a bit of skepticism, and couldn't wait to get my eyes on this, her second one. Suffice it to say I was not disappointed!

Friar Tobe left the order before taking his final vows, but everyone calls him Friar. His training as a Friar-to-be, his devout Catholicism, all play a vital role in the solving of the mysteries in which he finds himself.

Tobe is a man, not quite 30 years of age. He is single, and has fallen in love with a young woman of 18, and she with him. She became his secretary, and is now his fiancé, and when married will become his partner in his Private Investigator business. There is great chemistry between Tobe and Samantha, not to mention humor as they deal with the aspect of no sex until they are married. The characters in the book are believable, they are real, and they are, as all of us are, somewhat flawed in various ways.

If you liked fairy tales as you grew up (and who of us didn't?), I think you will enjoy the retelling of them, in a modern and supernatural setting, as retold and explored by Ms. Keley's characters. A great read. Enjoy ;-)

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