Friday, January 9, 2015

Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson Novel #2) --Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
306 pages 611 KB
5 Stars

I read Moon Called in two days, it took me 3 to read Blood Bound because life kept getting in the way!

Blood Bound picks up very shortly after Moon Called, and in this book we meet a few more characters of the Other realm that were perhaps introduced in #1, but now we get to meet them. (I closed one book, and immediately opened the next, so the stories sort of blend for me.)

Ms. Briggs has developed a most interesting world, and does not just toss fae, vampires, weres, etc. into it, she has carefully, and deliberately, given us the rules for each of the kinds of Others. The fae made themselves known, and now live, for the most part, on a reservation near Walla Walla, WA. They were the first to come out. Then some of the wolves. It's necessary, as science, especially forensic science, will out them one way or the other, and since many of the wolves, especially, work in high level jobs. Vampires may be another story altogether.

There is logic in the way Ms. Briggs has built this world, this world of fiction in which I live right in the middle in the mundane world. I love a good story where I can enter, and even play with the characters. This is one of those stories. Ms. Briggs doesn't just spin a good yarn, she invites you to come in and play, too. But, be careful, you may meet some playmates you aren't expecting, and, well, blood has been known to make an appearance now and then. Especially when wolves and vampires mix it up.

One of the truly refreshing aspects of this book, and I assume the series, is the romance element. It isn't harlequin—it's real. And Mercy is her own woman, and won't settle for any just any man, she demands love, and respect. Eventually, I'm sure, she will find it, but the chase is going to be interesting, so to speak.

I look forward to reading all the books in this series. Although I'm sure I could read them as stand alone books, especially now that I know the characters, I think I'll read them in order written, and enjoy the unfolding of the various story lines. I highly recommend this book, though if you've yet to read a Mercy Thompson book, I strongly suggest you start with Moon Called.

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