Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Awakening --Allen Johnson

The Awakening: A Novel of Intrigue, Seduction, and Redemption —by Allen Johnson
304 pages / 1697 KB  

4 Stars

The book is exactly as advertised. It is a novel of Intrigue, Seduction, and Redemption. There were a few places where I had difficulty suspending my disbelief, and I shan't mention them, because you may not have that problem.

The book is emotionally captivating, I liked the characters, and I enjoyed the history woven into the story. I now know more about the Spanish Civil War than I knew before. The Awakening takes place over time, and to a degree over geography; mostly in Spain, a bit in Paris, and a tad in East Harlem.

This book was a good read, wonderful for my bedtime read, in other words, the story moved well, but was not an adrenaline gusher. Much food for thought and cogitation, and it belies the old saw that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Read the book. Write a review.

I hope the next book is ready soon.

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