Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gulp. Adventures on the Alimentary Canal --by Mary Roach


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4 Stars

I loved this book. Why, then, only 4 stars? Because I think Ms. Roach could have put more into the book as to how the alimentary canal works, not just amusing anecdotes from her research. How does the small intestine work? What happens to the food that goes through it? How are the nutrients removed, and where do they go to get to us. This book left me with more questions than answers.

Mary Roach is a marvelous writer. I've read, and enjoyed two of her other books, and as mentioned above, I read and enjoyed this one, but would have appreciated more, not less.

If you have any curiosity about how your body works, from the inside, and have feared too much reading due to the 'ick' factor, fear not. When she talks 'ick' it is with taste (uh, pun intended) and humor. She has a knack for going into areas many of us consider taboo, and bringing those areas to light in a humorous manner. And why are they taboo, anyhow?

She did talk about one thing I'd never considered – death by constipation. Yes, it happens. And it happened to people we knew, at least people in the public eye that we claim to have known. (Royalty, entertainers, etc.) Somehow, she managed to bring humor even to that chapter.

If you've not read any of her books, you might as well start here. Nothing will give you nightmares, honest. Trust me. If you have read other of her books, you'll find this one a delightful addition to your Mary Roach library shelf ;-)

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