Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Humpty Dumpty for Adults

 Humpty Dumpty – An Adult Anthology – by Gary Alexander

Fiction, Humor
180 pages / 793 KB

Any book that sends me to the dictionary is, by definition, a good book. But any book that sends me to the dictionary because of the title is, by definition a great book. Yes, the title of this book sent me scrambling. The word: Anthology. I grew up under the impression that an anthology was a collection of whatevers by various and different authors, but in fact, I find out it can also be a collection of whatevers by the same author! Thanks, Mr. Alexander, for teaching this old dog a new trick, er, definition!

These are not just a retelling of old nursery rhymes, they are a reimagining and reliving of them, and a great deal of fun. Don't be put off by the word 'Adult' in the title. There is some sex, but not graphic and not gratuitous, it fits well with the story in which it resides.

There are many places that are laugh-out-loud funny, and it's OK to do just that, unless you're reading in the library. Of course, your bus mates may look askance but what the heck. And if you're taking a night class at the local college, you might not want to read this when you should be listening to the lecture. I guarantee you'll laugh at the most inopportune moment and fail the class.

It will soon be time to think about 'stocking stuffers' and this book is a perfect solution!

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