Monday, November 25, 2013

Everyday Life of the North American Indian

Everyday Life of the North American Indian –by Jon Manchip White

256 Pages / 27376 KB
5 Stars

I picked this trade paperback book up while on a road trip through the western States. I was looking for research, and found a good read!

Obviously, with all the tribes that did exist, and still do exist, this is a huge subject, and all tribes could not be covered, but the larger ones were, and nicely so.

Mr. White was Welsh, and as another reviewer stated, he seemed to understand the North American Indian as well as, or better than, most whites. This book was neither an apology nor a condemnation of history, but seemed, to my understanding, to be a fair accounting.

The information in the book is easily accessible to anyone who is interested in the history and lives of the Native Americans, yet written with an almost poetic style that was not overdone. Though Mr. white was a native of Wales and educated at Cardiff, he spent many years in the US, and became a naturalized citizen. His love of this country, and it's people, comes forth in his writing.

This book is part of a series, "Everyday Life of...". However, it stands alone, and you do not need to read the others, though if they are as well done as this one, I shall certainly look for them.

There are several black and white illustrations – photos, line drawings, etc. – and I do not know how they will translate to a Kindle. If you have the newer Kindle (Fire or higher) there should be no problem. The photos and maps are interesting, but not necessary to the enjoyment of the book.

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