Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Snow Child: A Novel --by Eowin Ivey

404 pages / 1154 KB
5 Stars

Eowyn (pronounced A-o-win) Ivey, is one of my new favorite authors! She has taken an old fairy tale, which I remember reading as a child, and retold it in 1920s Alaska, and retold it beautifully.

Jack and Mable are an older couple, have suffered horrendous loss, and decide to homestead in the wilds of Alaska. She thought they would do it together, he decided she would take care of the cabin, he the hard stuff. She contemplates suicide. They barely spoke and one night it snowed, and they were outside and had a spontaneous snowball fight, they laughed, they hugged, they built a snow girl. 

The next morning, the snow girl was demolished and the knit mittens and scarf were missing.

Mabel's idea of partnership was hard won. Slowly, laughter came back to their lives, and a strange, snowgirl brought them new love in handmade birch baskets.

This is a magical, enchanting book, and one of the most beautiful ones I've read in some time. I vaguely remember I didn't care for the fairy tale as I read it, but I absolutely love this book. Huzzah! to Ms. Ivey!!

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