Saturday, June 23, 2018

From the Ashes (Ravenwood Mysteries Book 1) –by Sabrina Flynn

Fiction / Detective  / Historical
270 pages / 6397 KB
5 Stars

What a fun read! Turn of the century (1899) San Francisco. Atticus Riot returns from a long absence and wants only to stay retired and lick his wounds. Life has other plans for him, and he once again finds himself embroiled in a mystery as an unwilling detective, striving to find the missing wife/heiress before her kidnappers kill her.

Ms Flynn has done a remarkable job of creating the fog-drenched city and time of the era. The tale is told in different times, so pay attention to the chapter headings, when shown. I rather enjoyed her taking us fore and aft along the time continuum. 

I enjoyed the characters, and look forward to meeting them in future books (I believe there are currently 4 in publication). Yes, I solved part of it before the ending. Note, I said PART of it. The fun in mysteries is trying to figure out the who and the why, and then reading through to the end to see if I was correct. I give myself a C on that one. ;-)

I became very engrossed in the story, therefore, in my book; it is a perfect piece of fiction. The ending was satisfactory, albeit too soon. I really wanted to stay and play with the characters a bit longer. Escapism at it's best!

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