Saturday, December 9, 2017

This Craft of Verse --by Jorge Luis Borges

Nonfiction / Lectures
169 pages
5 Stars

This is a small book of 6 lectures (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) delivered at Harvard in 1967. Really, more like conversations with a good friend, nothing like a college lecture. If you are familiar with Borges's writing, these lectures will undoubtedly hold more interest for you. If you aren't familiar, this little book will whet your appetite for his work.

The series was recorded, the tapes lost in the dust of time, and only found and transcribed in 2000. As he asks, "What is time?" If you don't ask him, he knows, if you do ask him, he doesn't. Does it matter the tapes were lost? After all, they have been found.

If words are symbols for shared memories, as he says, then this book will give you new memories, shared with Borges and with all who read the book. What could be better?

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