Sunday, December 10, 2017

Night of the Moths –by Riccardo Bruni (translated by Anne Milano Appel)

Fiction / Mystery
231 pages / 4381 KB
4 Stars

Alice is killed. The village idiot 'confesses' to her murder, and in turn is killed by her father. The murder touches many people, and the boyfriend of Alice moves away. He comes back after 10 years, upsetting the villagers, and finds himself in the midst of the murder, which has long been adjudicated. Or has it?

Alice narrates some of the chapters, so we get a feel for her, as well as those touched by her and her death.

This is a quick read, an afternoon in front of the fire, or on the beach. The original was written in Italian, and seems to have been well translated. This book fits nicely into my category of "Brain Candy."

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