Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Midnight Land: Part Two: The Gift (Bk 2 of Zemnian Series) --by E. P. Clark

Fiction / High Fantasy / Fairytale
562 pages / 1334 KB
5 Stars

Oh, Blessings upon the advent of electronic readers. By the time I finished Part I: The Flight, I already had Part II ready to go.

If you haven't read Part I: The Flight, you really need to read it first, or you're going to be just a tad off balance for the beginning of this book. There is no recap, it just starts where Part I left off.

Now, this is a serious admonition, which I gave for Part I, and shouldn't need repeating for Part II; however, you really should consider calling your local hotel and finding out when their cheap rates are—usually a week-end—and book yourself a room with room service. That way, you won't be home to be interrupted by starving kids, dogs, or spouse. And you won't feel guilty, either. After all, you deserve to pamper yourself. Settle back, put your feet up, forget the house—it will be waiting when you go home, prepare for a great and fun journey.

Part II finds Slava, and us, on the way home from the far north. It is still winter, but they make it south, past the sun line. The group of adventurers, led by women because this is a matriarchal society after all, escape woodland sprites, the gods, bandits, only to discover that Slava's sister, the Tsarina has been cursed and Slava is the unwitting bearer of the said curse to her sister's door. If Slava can't figure out how to deactivate the curse, well all heck will break loose.

This book is, if possible, better than Part I, perhaps because the story is finished. I had as hard a time putting this book down as I did putting the first one down.

I found Slava, and the others, quite believable, and for the most part, quite likable. These are characters I'd love to have over for dinner, and if they can't make it, the author herself. I also enjoyed the gender role reversal. Some good things to think about in light of today's society.

Move over, Katherine Arden, make room for the new kid on the shelf, E. P. Clark.

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